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    Khmer Song | M Album Vol 3 | Tek Pneak Oun June Dom Ner Kloun Eng

    M Production Album Vol 3
    Artist: Arnn Konkola, Meas Soksophea, Sim Thaina, Yuth, Lie E-Vatina, Nop Moni Takma
    Year: 2008
    Album: M Production Vol 3 - Tek Pneak Oun June Dom Ner Kloun Eng

    Genre: Blues

    Track List
    01 Ban Chop Chet Nek - Meas Soksophea
    02 Nak Na Jea Machas Besdong Oun - Arnn Kunkola & Yuth
    03 Som Theab Bong Chong Kroay - Sim Thaina
    04 Som Tous De Thve Oy Oun Yom - Arnn Konkola
    05 Tek Phek Dom Boung - Nop Moni Takma
    06 Nek Duch Knea - Yuth
    07 Tek Pneak Oun June Dom Ner Kloun Eng - Meas Soksophea
    08 Snea Oun Madach Cheres Ke - Lie E-Vatina
    09 Cher Chab Men Ches Chop - Arnn Konkola
    10 Mean Nak Chom Nos Oun Te - Nop Moni Takma

    M Album Vol 3


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