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    Khmer Song | M Album Vol 2 | Cher Jab Srorb Knea

    M Production Album Vol 2Artist: Visal, Lie E.Vantina, Kunkola, Ahnita, Keo Veasna
    Year: 2008
    Album: M Production Vol 2 - Cher Jab Srorb Knea

    Track List

    01 Cher Chab Srob Knea - Lie E-Vatina & Arnn Konkola
    02 Barmei Pi Oun Kor Bong Kos - Arnn Visal
    03 Sannaya Khol - Ahnita
    04 Sarapeap Beabna - Keo Veasna
    05 Nek Oun Klas Ban Te - Lie E-Vatina
    06 Kom Prer Peak Srlunch Monos Deal Oun Men Ban Srlunch - Arnn Visal
    07 Snea Lep Lour - Ahnita
    08 Jang Trong Ke Chorng Kbot - Keo Veasna
    09 Trolob June Por Snea - Lie E-Vatina
    10 Vic Ngea Sna Tek Pneak - Arnn Visal

    M Album Vol 2


    snarfo_99 said...

    For the last few years I've been collecting a lot of Khmer music. Mostly from the Ros Serey Sothea, Pan Ron, Sin Sisamouth and So Savoeun era. I hadn't heard any modern stuff and if this album is any indication of what's considered the popular music scene today in Cambodia, then I am horribly disappointed.

    This is just overproduced corporate nonsense. The bands sound completely the same, and none of them play an original note - it sounds like there was only one arranger/composer for the whole bunch and every song is a ripoff of what they think they'll be able to sell - like the band on American Idol.

    It's horrible. And it's terribly sad, considering that Cambodia had one of the best scenes for Rock & Roll going ever - comparable in creativity and talent with anything ever produced anywhere. There may have been music just as good as the old Cambodian stuff from the 60's and early 70's, but there sure as hell wasn't anything better. This is awful.

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